Outrigger Spears Pair, Silver

Outrigger Spears Pair, Silver

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Precision Outrigger Spears SILVER - Each Spear PORSS

Precision Outrigger Spears - Each

Why are Precision riggers better than the rest?

Precision riggers addressed all the inherent issues that plague all other brands on the market.

  • light-weight, extremely stiff and strong.
  • Easily taken apart and stored without removing nuts or bolts.
  • 2pc design is facilitated by a stainless-steel spring button which locates in its own hole locking the tip and butt sections together.
  • Stiff design imparts far better action on lures and baits, greatly increasing hook up ratios.
  • Each set of poles come standard with 4 high-load stainless rollers, 6 x stainless eye nuts and bolts.

The name Precision Rods is synonymous with quality and cutting-edge designs. It’s this attention to detail that makes Precision Rods a market leader.