BLA Drum Winch

BLA Drum Winch

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All BLA Drum Winches feature a sealed motor and gearbox with a 316 grade stainless steel drum and body to protect from water ingress and corrosion and comes complete with double braid rope, chain and switchgear for hassle free anchoring.

• Motor is fully sealed from corrosion/water. No exposed terminals
• Custom rope kits available to suit any anchoring depth
• 3 year warranty – Australian designed
• Motor & gearbox can be adjusted in 12 positions to drum
• Retailed packaged

153100 Kit Includes
• Motor and gearbox
• 316 Grade stainless steel drum
• Backing plate and bolts
• Pre-wired switchgear
• Wiring loom kit
• Double braid rope and chain kit


Winch Model: 4500

Drum Size: 180mm

Max Vessel Length: 4.5m

Rope Length: 45mx 6mm

Chain Length: 5m